Monday, October 13, 2008

Quality Customer Service From Public Transit

This is a good news story to acknowledge the acts of kindness from 3 bus drivers who went the extra mile to rescue me out of the rain yesterday.

I was heading to the bus stop to catch the bus downtown when I saw the bus go by the stop a few minutes early. I was frustrated because it was raining, but I knew I still had enough time to make my connection, so I started to race downtown in my power wheelchair to the transfer point. Unbeknownst to me, the driver of the bus going in the opposite direction saw I had just missed the bus, so he radioed the driver to let her know. She drove around the block and came back to collect me.

You can imagine my surprise when the bus, that I had just missed, pulled up behind me! I was so grateful (and shocked) that she was able to come back and rescue me out of the rain.

There was a third driver to thank as well. He was driving a very late bus on the route home so I missed my connection downtown. Because it was evening and transit was now into the hourly service, the driver decided that, rather than leave me downtown to wait in the rain for 45 minutes to catch the next bus, he would keep me on the bus, complete his route, then take me home.

Am I lucky or what!

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