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Access Bus Strike - Comments on Today's news article.

Today (May 27, 2009) there was an article in the Whig Standard entitled, "No New Talks Scheduled" and it's about the Access Bus strike. After reading it, I tried to add my two cents worth and, would you believe, the Whig closed me out? Here is the message:
Your account has been banned. If you believe this to be in error please contact your local newspaper to have it removed.
I know it is a computer that has picked on a key word and has got me kicked out, but when I called the Whig to get my permissions reinstated, no one knew what to do or who to send me to. I spent over 30 minutes on the phone bouncing around from extension to extension until I finally got linked up with someone in Sarnia. Sarnia? This is the Kingston Whig Standard, not a Sarnia Whig Standard... Sheesh.

Anyway, since no one knows how to reinstate me and I can't get away with using an alias, I will have to add my opinion through my blog.

To start with, please read the news article at this link: ( . Then read my comments below.

If you have any comments or opinions, please write me and let me know.

Here are the comments that got me closed out:

The school board did the same thing with the Stock drivers ... or is your memory too short? To quote one paragraph in the Whig, "Just two days after [the school board] announced it was moving to give the company’s bus runs to other firms for the remainder of the school year... the Teamsters union figured it out. (see:" IT WAS EITHER figure it, out or have no job to go back to when the school board pulled the contract with Stock and gave it to someone else.

The difference is, Stock had competetion, the Access Bus did not. A crystal ball could not have predicted that the school board would pull the contract before they had an alternative. The Tri-Board pulled the contract then sought a replacement.

Oh, and by the way, the union representing Stock scrambled back to work accepting a 7.5% wage increase spread out over 3 years. This is far less than the 82.5%, and later, 29% raises originally being sough. Obviously the risk of losing their job had the biggest impact on bringing an end to the strike. Too bad this luxury didn't exist for the Access Bus.

To read more about Stock's outragous demand, read: To read more about the negative impacts of union representation, specifically representation by the CAW, please read this article:

So I ask, please GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT before you go declaring management is incompetent.

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