Tuesday, May 26, 2009

From the Horses Mouth about Access Bus Strike

May 21 2009 - Bargaining between Kingston Access Bus and the Canadian Auto Workers Local 1837, representing striking Kingston Access Bus drivers, resumed yesterday with the assistance of a Ministry of Labour mediator. In the early afternoon the CAW presented the employer with a final position, on settling their bargaining and bring an end to the strike action. The Union's proposal was rejected as it contained, among other items, increases in compensation with monetary demands that go well beyond the patterns of settlement in either the public or private sectors. These demands include a wage and pension increase, signing bonus, and increases to employee benefits. These kinds of increases are clearly unacceptable in these tough economic times. KAS had hoped that discussions could continue on May 21 but was advised that the union is not available. The CAW was also asked to reconsider its final position. Source: Kingston Access Bus - What's New

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