Sunday, June 7, 2009

An Attempt to Get the City's Backing to Declare Access Bus Essential

The following is a motion I hoped to get on the agenda of Kingston City Council. I had one councillor support it and help draft the motion, but try as he might, he could not get it added to the agenda because he could not find a councillor to second it.
Whereas transit is an essential service for people with disabilities who often have a condition which prevent them from driving a car, or who are economically unable to afford a car, or able to use mobility devices which prevent them from relying on friends or family members to give them a drive.

Whereas people with disabilities are often unable to use a normal city bus due to the size of their mobility device, their degree of disability, or their proximity to a bus stop and whereas Kingston does not have any accessible taxi cabs.

Whereas transportation is vital for getting to medical appointments, work, volunteer work, school, shopping, social and recreational outings and whereas citizens with disabilities have a right to equal access to all that society has to offer.

Whereas in the recent past there have been two very costly and untimely transit strikes; one in the City of Ottawa that cost that city and it’s citizens’ millions, and now currently the one in the City of Kingston, that is affecting those hardest to cope with a lack of transit alternatives.

Therefore be it resolved that the City of Kingston encourage the province declare the services of Kingston Access Bus specifically, and all access buses in general as an essential service, so as to bring an the current collective bargaining stalemate and avoid future ones.

Be it further resolved that given the dependence on transit in general that the province of Ontario consider declaring all public transit an essential service, and that this resolution be sent to AMO, The Premier of Ontario as well as the official Leaders of the Opposition, and all municipalities over 100,000 people for consideration and support.
I would prefer to take out the population limit but I left it because it was a combined effort and I trusted there was likely a good reason behind it.

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