Thursday, June 4, 2009

Kingston's City Council Cannot Stop Strike

The following audio clip shows how difficult it will be to get the city's support to get the Access Bus back on the road.

Therefore I have sent the following letter to the Toronto Star and Globe & Mail:
I am writing to inform the province of a serious problem in Kingston.

The drivers of Kingston Access Bus walked out on strike on April 16, 2009 leaving the majority of their 3,600 registered passengers literally stranded in their homes. What makes it even more frustrating is that because of a provincial law that governs the collective bargaining process, there is nothing the city has been able to do about it. Worse, Kingston does not have any accessible taxi's and, because many people with disabilities are unemployed, they not own an accessible vehicle that can accommodate their powered mobility device. Kingston Transit, the only other service that is remotely possible to use, only serves part of the city and it cannot accommodate everyone.

With Kingston now entering day 50 of the strike, the situation is getting serious. Many people have missed vital medical appointments, cannot do their banking, cannot buy their groceries and other basic essentials, cannot get to work, school, volunteer jobs, social outings or recreational activities. They cannot get out to enjoy anything that everyone else gets to enjoy.

Please, I ask everyone province wide, to write their MPP in support of declaring specialized transit, in fact all transit, an essential service so that all Ontarians can have an equal opportunity to enjoy a slice of this life.
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