Thursday, June 11, 2009

Petition to Province Declaring Transit Essential

The momentum is growing to sign the petition I created to send to the province.

It states:

TO The Legislative Assembly of Ontario: -

WHEREAS Kingston Access Bus has been on strike since April 16, 2009 leaving 3,600 registered passengers of specialized transit without service, we the undersigned, are asking for your assistance to:
  1. Restore the services of Kingston Access Bus, and
  2. Declare specialized transit, in fact, all public transit, as an essential service.
This would be in keeping with the AODA (The Accessibility for Ontarian’s With Disabilities Act) because it would guarantee that never again, would people with disabilities be forced to stay home for days and weeks on end because of strike action.

WE the undersigned petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario as follows: -

  1. Restore the services of Kingston Access Bus, and
  2. Declare specialized transit and all public transit an essential service.
Unfortunately the provincial rules for petitions specifically state that people must sign a hard copy so I can't offer it online. But if you live in Kingston and are interested, please sign one at Loblaws at the Kingston Centre, the nursing homes, or if you spot me on the bus, ask me. It will be circulated to more places over time.

I am easily to spot because I carry the following sign on the back of my chair. I use a dry erase marker to update the day #. Today is Day 57:

End Kingston Access Bus Strike NOW!  Please sign petition. Ask me!
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