Monday, June 17, 2013

New Ramp to TTC Subway at Union Station

A new barrier was created at Toronto's Union Station. The lift was taken out in August 2011 and a new, very long narrow ramp, was built in its place.  It was just opened last month (May 2013).

In my opinion it's not accessible.The following video, complete with commentary to verbally and visually describe it, will show you what I mean.

If you agree this MUST be fixed, please write the TTC, Mayor Rob Ford and Premier Wynne and ask that this NEW barrier be removed.  

In summary, the video shows the new, very long ramp with 5 switch-backs, and no room to pass. People with limited mobility, pushing a stroller, using a wheelchair, etc. would be exhausted by the time they reach the top. This is NOT accessible. In my opinion this new design is in violation of the AODA and the Human Rights Code because many people will not be able to navigate a ramp that's this long.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for posting this information, and talking to myself and my fellow Occupational Therapy Students! Your insights were a big help to our project. It was a great learning experience for us to hear first hand how you overcome the accessibility issues of the transportation system.