Sunday, December 1, 2013

Via Rail, a not so "Human Way to Travel" (if one is disabled)

Via Rail has been doing complete renovations of their LRC trains. Yesterday, I had the occasion to view one. They're nice and spacious for most people and they look more modern. However, they fail in the dignity part, when it comes to tying down a wheelchair in the accessible spot reserved for them.

With permission, I took this video of an employee trying to secure the restraints to my wheelchair; a procedure that must be done by law.

When you think about the fact Via Rail's slogan is, "A More Human Way to Travel" one has to wonder what they're thinking.

Below is a video of the employee attaching the tie-down straps. Below that are some pictures of the layout of these newly renovated trains.

For accessibility features there is a power outlet located in easy reach beside the space reserved for wheelchairs, and there's a light switch to control the overhead light.

There still isn't an alert button to enable a passenger to alert an employee of when they need the tie-down straps removed so they can go to the bathroom.

When will Via Rail start listening to its passengers?

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Anonymous said...

Some good points, but keep in mind that Via Rail is being starved by Harper too!

wheelchairdemon said...

In this case I don't think Harper can be blamed. This is renovated equipment where, obviously no thought was put behind it. If I was this employee's Union Boss, I'd be having a few words.

Don't get me wrong. I appreciate being able to ride the train. I just don't think people need to stoop this low to accommodate. This employee deserves full marks for not complaining.